Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blogging to Advance the Kingdom of God

When I first started a blog all I wanted to do was to share the life giving word to those who really needed it. With the Word of God comes freedom and that freedom is powerful and unleashes an impact and influence that can be eternal.

I was raised in a culture that taught that motherhood was drudgery and being a wife was demeaning. When I became those things, I knew there had to be more. I learned from older godly mentors that what I had learned all my life was a lie. Motherhood was be beautiful and being a helpmeet to my husband was a noble and high calling from God. This truth forever changed my life and I wanted others to share it.

I began blogging.

So many people ask me constantly, especially since I am a consultant, if they should start a blog. I believe as Christians that is a personal decision to make taking into account what season you might be in and if it is the Lord's will for you. Blogging is not always easy especially if you do not have a natural bent towards writing. I have been blogging for five years now and think that I have seen it all. I have seen blogs come and go and seen great ones rise up. I have also been mentored by some excellent blogs and have been exposed to great heresy as well.

Here are my ultimate thoughts on blogging---if you do decide to blog and you are a Christian then do it to advance the Kingdom of God here on earth. Do it with your heart and do it with passion! With the zeal of the apostles reach across borders and nations and spread the gospel like a wildfire! The lost need to hear that there is hope and that living waters await them. Refresh the discouraged, reform the culture and saturate the internet with the living Word that sharpens the Christian and saves the lost. Teach the younger women that our foremothers never had an opportunity to reach and do it to His glory. Never in history have we ever had this type of access to the world---we cannot and will not allow media to be taken over by those who hate God so that they can share their values and lead the world (and Christians) astray.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.."
Colossians 3:23

And whatever you do, PRAY. Seek God's leading in it all. Ask HIM what He would have you blog about and not copy the blogger next door. It is a great responsibility to share His word so be careful to handle it carefully and responsibly. Watch your life because others will be watching you closely too, never let blogging consume your life or steal you away from your important priorities at home. And lastly, be careful as you are online not to be led away from from false teachers, especially in blogosphere. Remember, that there are many wolves in sheep's clothing and we need to examine them.

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The Great Duty

Let no Christian parents fall into the delusion
that Sunday School is intended
to ease them of their personal duties.
The first and most natural condition of things
is for Christian parents
to train up their own children
in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Attention All Bloggers!

Are you a blogger? Have you considered writing an ebook?
I am planning to! That is why I am so happy to announce this:

My sweet friend, Sarah Mae, just launched her new ebook, How to Market and Sell Your Ebook today and she is having a spectacular giveaway that you won't want to miss---you can read about it HERE.

Stay tuned for my personal interview with her coming up soon and my review of the ebook....


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adventurous Femininity

The Botkin daughters have a new CD release out!

When Being “Girly” Is Not Enough

Here is the description:

Which activity is more feminine: embroidering a pin cushion or digging up ancient artifacts in a foreign land? The answer may surprise you. In this practical message from Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin, femininity is examined in terms of how a young woman can fulfill her unique calling within her family—not by defining which adventures and activities girls “can” or “can’t” enjoy. The exhortation to young women is clear: Do not pursue a brand of femininity that is so obsessed with its own girliness that you can’t get your hands dirty with real service for Christ.
I am looking forward to listening to this, I have always enjoyed their teachings and highly recommend them! We are so encouraged as we see the Botkin family have goals as a family and are on a  mission to help reform culture to the glory of God, our prayers are with them as they seek to do this. We have enjoyed many of their past teachings as well. I hope you and your sweet daughters enjoy this one!

Many blessings!


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Olde Angora (& Giveaway}

Here is a special post for all the homemakers out there who appreciate items that are handmade.

Victorian Lace Bookmark ($3)

Olde Angora is an Etsy shop started by a godly, homeschool daughter who loves to knit and crochet, and now she has started a shop to sell her wares. Miss Miriam, owner of the shop, has a nice variety of quality hand-knitted items--she sells shawls, baby blankets, mini-quilts, hand crocheted bookmarks, scarves, slippers, hand spun yarn and headbands at very affordable prices. Many are hand-cleaned, hand-carded and hand-spun.

In the picture above is a soft, single ply yarn that is hand spun and measured on an old "click reel". It is sock/fingering weight: perfect for socks, mittens, gloves, or even a small lace collar! There are 164 yards in this skein of cream colored Alpaca yarn. ($10) Here are a few more goodies she also offers:

This ball of yarn is single ply (one strand); hand spun from very fine and soft sheep's wool. It was hand sheared, hand cleaned, and hand carded as well. There are 316 yards of lace weight yarn, slightly uneven by a bit of "thick and thin" spinning. This would knit or crochet a beautiful shawl or scarf in its natural shades of off-white, cream and light yellow; or it can be dyed any color!

Here is a beautiful little cowl or collar for a doll to keep warm in! It is hand knit from hand spun angora yarn that was plied with hand spun fine sheep's wool yarn. The cowl is 12" long and 3" wide, and it buttons snugly around the neck of an 18" doll. It is a creamy yellow color, with a silver gray shade from the angora. Keep your doll warm in this very soft, pretty cowl! ($20)

Made from hand spun and hand knit angora lace, this accessory can be used for decorating a lady's wrist or as a doll collar! It is silver in color with hints of brown. The inside circle or neckline measures approx. 11", but it can stretch a couple inches if necessary. For easy use, the lace has a button and loop on its ends.($15)

The Giveaway

Miss Miriam would like to generously give away one of her angora lace headbands (a value of $13) to one of my special readers! All you need to do to enter is leave your name and email---simple!

Extra Entries

  • Blog about this giveaway (3 entries, leave 3 comments each)
  • Facebook or Tweet this giveaway (2 entries each, leave 2 comments each)
  • Subscribe to this blog (2 entries, leave 2 comments each)
  • Tell us what you like most at Olde Angora (2 entries, leave 2 comments each)
  • Buy something at Olde Angora (10 entries, leave 10 comments)
    Hope you win!
    Thank you Miriam from Olde Angora!


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    Monday, June 27, 2011

    A Champion in Disguise

    There's a champion in disguise among is likely this champion is not obvious to you. His deeds are courageous and life changing for those to whom he gives his life. He is disguised as a father. His humble cloak conceals his greatness, yet his deeds, in all likelihood, will form the character of the next generation. His deeds include wiping noses and changing diapers, teaching his boys to work and his girls to guard their dignity. His job description includes providing a wall of protection, to guard his children's hearts; yet he must lead them to greater challenges--which at times seems more than they can bear, with in mind, the day will come in which he will not be there. This unnoticed hero is doing the vital work of instilling virtue, honor, and courage deep within the hearts of those who look to him for guidance. Their minds recall his praise, his encouragement, his challenge, and his correction for decades.

    He must be in disguise because if the strength of his influence captured the public eye, they might tempt him away from his duty to his children for less noble endeavors. Giving all his strength and crying out for more, he does the arduous, often overlooked task, of being a dad. He may not receive the praise of a speech well given, a corporation built, or wealth accumulated--he may not receive our notice for his great physique, golf course tan or the sports car in his garage--but he is still a champion.

    He is a father.

    Without him, our culture will fall.

    ---Herb Devine

    We have seen in our nation that as God has been removed what the aftermath has been--the breaking down of society and families. It is further saddening to see fatherless homes. I believe that the role of fatherhood is integral to the family while culture would fallaciously mislead us to believe that dads are unnecessary and disposable. This special note was written from a friend,  a godly dad whose desire was to encourage dads this past Father's day. My prayer is that as wives, we would also recognize the importance of godly fathers and truly respect and value them.


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    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Majoring In the Minors

    Sometimes as a parent we are thrown off course and get too caught up by trying to adhere to high self made standards or those dictated by the professionals (magazines, books, etc.) when what we might really need to  focus on is the basics and what really counts.

    Somehow we have a tendency to major in the minors----read this post and be blessed!

    Love it!


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    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    Celebrating Our Winners

    We have TEN giveaway winners to announce so be sure to check the list carefully for your name!

    Winners of the ebook Warrior Prayers-Praying the Word for Boys are:


    Winners for the Apple Valley Soap giveaway are:


    Winner for It's A Blessing giveaway is:


    And finally, the winner for the  Homemaker By Choice giveaway is:

    Raising Mighty Arrows--hknopp07@

    Congratulations and thank you so much for entering! We will contact you with further instructions.

    Have a blessed day!

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    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Humility and Pride

    "A dispute arose among them as to which of them
     was considered to be greatest."  Luke 22:24

    See how firmly pride and love of preeminence
    can stick to the hearts of Christian men!

    The sin before us is a very old one . . .
    self esteem, and
    self conceit
    lie deep at the bottom of all men's hearts,
    and often in the hearts where they are least suspected.

    Thousands imagine that they are humble,
    who cannot bear to see an equal more honored
    and favored than themselves!

    The quantity of envy and jealousy in the world
    is a glaring proof of the prevalence of pride.

    Let us live on our guard against this sore disease,
    if we make any profession of serving Christ. 
    The harm that it has done to the Church of Christ is
    far beyond calculation.

    Let us learn to take pleasure in the prosperity of others, 
    and to be content with the lowest
    place for ourselves.

     --J. C. Ryle, "The Gospel of Luke" 1858


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    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Summer Steals

    I have some amazing Wise Woman tips for you!

    Today Dayspring just announced their summer sale--if you have been eyeing the Life collection it is now a whopping 50% off----plus get an extra 10% off if you use the code: fbfans10 at checkout!!!! That is a total of 60% off. Items start as low as $2.99--so now is the time to get it while you can, ladies, before they sell out.

    Isn't it gorgeous and perfect for summer fun, parties and hospitality? I love the Bible verse from John 10:10 that witness for you without you having to say a word!

    It is a perfect time to add to your collection if you don't have a complete set too at prices this low--
     they are so fun and festive!

    And---so many of my friends are planning out their next school year pulling together homeschool curriculum, attending conferences and sales,  and collecting what they will need for their school. I am excited to share that Vision Forum has marked down over 300 homeschool resources to 60% off until June 25th! They wanted to bring homeschool conference choices straight to you:

    I found this new CD by Doug Phillips:

     How Important Are Educational Choices-on sale now for only $4.50

    Here is the description:

    Are educators or teaching methods neutral? Are academic concepts void of context or presuppositions? Or should the Scriptures direct our educational philosophy? Whether you are 5, 15, 25, or 75 years old, God’s Word applies to us all equally. Psalm 1 proclaims that the man who does not counsel with the ungodly, or commune with sinners, or enjoy the company of those who scorn the will and pleasure of God will be blessed! The truth of what we learn is important to God, but the environments in which we are educated, and the hearts of those who teach us, are critical to Him as well. In How Important Are Educational Choices?, join Doug Phillips for a one-hour examination of educational philosophies, their consequences, and what the Bible has to say to us regarding our choices.

    I often get this asked this question and glad there are resources to point to!

    We love a super great sale and being able to share it with you---
    now I am off to order a few things...

    Happy shopping!


    A Woman of Discretion

    Are we training ourselves to be women of discretion?

    Women today would be wise to use their speech well. Careful before they say anything, prayerful before giving counsel or a rebuke, with the Lord leading every step of  the way.

    Titus 2:5 exhorts: :

    "That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed."

    The word discreet comes from the greek word: sóphrón

    Here is the definition: 
    of sound mind, self-controlled, temperate, sober-minded, modest, chaste

    We are warned against idleness and being busybodies, and why--because there is a struggle. We need to embrace a quiet life without busying ourselves with meddling, gossip, and vain pursuits (1 Thess 4:11).  Older woman must teach the younger, to be wise in situations. There should not be a judging of situations lest we know all the facts. Self control must rule us, we must gain hold of it, our tongues and our sinful flesh.

    What does God uphold and view as beautiful?

    A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Proverbs 31:10

    Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious. 1 Peter 3:4

    The tongue:

    And the tongue is a fire, the very world of iniquity; the tongue is set among our members as that which defiles the entire body, and sets on fire the course of our life, and is set on fire by hell. For every species of beasts and birds, of reptiles and creatures of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by the human race. But no one can tame the tongue; it is a restless evil and full of deadly poison. With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the likeness of God; from the same mouth come both blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be this way. Does a fountain send out from the same opening both fresh and bitter water? Can a fig tree, my brethren, produce olives, or a vine produce figs? Nor can salt water produce fresh. James 3:6

    A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Proverbs 15:1

    The wise of heart is called discerning, and sweetness of speech increases persuasiveness. Proverbs 16:21

    Oh my, I know we all fail at times, and sometimes miserably--there is not a single one of us that is perfect! We would not need Jesus if we were perfect. I think in many cases, we need to humble ourselves and our speech will follow. How often I have looked back in different situations and thought at how humility needed to be a vital part of the equation.

     And we chase after wisdom:

    Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.  -Proverbs 4:7

    How much better to get wisdom than gold! To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver. -Proverbs 16:16

    It is my prayer that we start this week NEW,
    recommitting ourselves to CHRIST,
    and striving to become a vessel that God can fully use for His KINGDOM.


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    Friday, June 17, 2011

    Thank You So Much


    We have reached the goal for the funeral fund for Levi Shock in under 24 hours! WOW!

    We are so thankful for such generous friends (yes, you are not just readers, you are our friends) who gave without hesitation to their brothers and sisters in Christ whom they have never met. It is amazing to see what God has done and we are so thankful to even be a small part of this.

    It is beautiful to see the body of Christ in action--overflowing with love and support. God never ceases to amaze me!

    I would also like to share with you a special ebook offer from author Kathy Brodock over at Teaching Good Things. She has generously offered to share her ebook, How to Comfort Grieving Parents with all of you as a way to help those who have not experienced a loss understand what the parents are going through.

    This ebook is FREE and you may download it here. 

    (Don't forget to share this free offer with your friends, you can use the share buttons at the end of this post!)

    Again, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts and to God be the glory!


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    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Christian Family Needs Your Help

    Dearest Friends,

    There is a Christian family that is very dear to us that needs your help.

    (Tony and Susie Shock)

    This loving, homeschooling family of seven was recently expecting a newborn son to be born later this year but ended up sadly passing away prematurely this weekend. Just yesterday, the dear Shock family has had to endure the hardest thing a parent can do--hand their own child, Levi, over to a funeral director. Their broken hearts are so saddened mourning the lost of this child (this is a second son they have lost within a few years time) yet they have showed incredible faith in trusting the Lord at this difficult time. 

    With this unexpected loss comes unexpected expenses in order to bury their beloved son. We are asking for your help--they need $800 to cover the cost of their son's funeral. If you are able to donate ANY amount (remember, no amount is too small) to help them it would be greatly appreciated from the bottom of our hearts.

    Levi Shock Burial Fund

     Please also pray for this family at this difficult time, each prayer and donation is so greatly appreciated.

    Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

    Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Hebrews 13:16

    Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 4:4

    If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together. 1 Corinthians 12:26

    Please share this post on Facebook, Twitter or your blog so we can better get the word out there to the body of Christ!
    (You can use the buttons below at the very end of this post)
    Thank you SO much--your love and support means so much to us all!

    The Destructive Influence of Foolish Women

    The destructive influence of foolish women is readily apparent in the secular world. In recent years we have seen the power of foolish women to tear down and destroy the moral sensitivities and fiber of an entire nation. We can all think of high-profile women---entertainers, politicians, wives of public figures---whose philosophies and lifestyles have wielded an enormous, negative influence on our entire culture.

    However, what should trouble us even more in the extent to which foolishness among women has permeated the evangelical church. We have followed the world in redefining what it means to be a woman, as well as what it means to be a man. We have blurred, if not eradicated, the distinctions between feminine and masculine character, behavior and roles. We have lost our moorings, our sense of what is pure and good, true and right. We have little comprehension of the meaning or importance of such old-fashioned words as wholesome, modest, discreet, and chaste.

    ...Those of us who are "older women" have a responsibility to train the next generation of women in the ways of God: to teach them the characteristics of wise and foolish women, to warn them against the dangers and consequences of being foolish, and to instill in them a vision and commitment to be wise women. We also need to teach our sons and young men the difference between wise and foolish women--what qualities to admire and what qualities to avoid in women.

    -Nancy Leigh Demoss, Biblical Womanhood in the Home


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    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    It's A Blessing { & Giveaway}

    Summer will be here in a few days---I love the new and beautiful long sundresses in the stores! Here are some lovely summer accessories from It's A Blessing to go with your new summer wardrobe:

     These special bracelets have meaning---each bead is coordinated to a scripture with a purpose to encourage...

    Proverbs 31 Blessing Bracelet -$13

    A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies (red bead).
    Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. (heart)
    She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. (yellow-reminder of sun-days)
    She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands.
    She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar (blue a reminder of ships on water)
    She gets up while it is still dark (black bead)

    This adorable, 6 inch, child sized blessing bracelet was inspired by Psalm 66 and comes with  the verses and co-ordinating beads printed on pretty cardstock (all of them do).

    Graduation Blessing Bracelet-$13

    A perfect gift for the graduate!

    Shirt: Remember when you are getting dressed each morning to put on the Armor of God! Ephesians 6:10-18
    Fingerprint: You are made by God-and there is no one else like you. “Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his, we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.”Psalm 100:3
    Feet: Maybe you have a lot of plans for your future…maybe you have no idea what will happen next. Take heart in this: “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9
    Cross in Center: Remember to always keep Christ in the center of your life!
    Crown: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
    Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” Matthew 6:33-34a

    Children are a blessing from the Lord! When one is lost, through a miscarriage, the Mom and Dad grieve the loss of their baby in a special way. This poem was written, and inspired by the Lord, to bless and help heal the hurt of Mommies who have lost a baby. The poem is written to the Mommy and Daddy from the baby's perspective who is now "safe and warm in the loving arms of Jesus". The blanket is the baby's gift to Mommy and Daddy to "hold on to, cry into, cling to.. to remember I am not alone - I am warm and safe and loved."

    The Giveaway 

    It's a Blessing would like to generously give away to one of my readers one of their newest products--the Blessing Bag! This colorful, fun, crocheted bag is perfect to help keep little ones quiet in church or just for for anytime, it contains:
    • Laminated Bible cards for scripture memorization 
    • religious coloring book and small set of crayons
    • a small religious plastic sliding puzzle
    OR if you do not have a little girl you could win $15 towards something in the store.
    To enter simply leave a comment with your email!

    Extra Entries 

    • Share this giveaway/their blog/their Etsy site on Facebook or Twitter. 
    •  Follow It's a Blessing blog or visit the store.
    •  Like them on Facebook.
    • Any of the above earns 2 entries (leave 2 comments each) and a  purchase earns five entries (leave five comments each!)

    Hope you win!
    Thank you, It's A Blessing!


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    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Purposeful Summer Planning

    Every year when summer rolls around  I love planning out a list of goals and such to accomplish. I am a list person by nature and therefore thrive under organized conditions. I have realized that summers can quickly be over in a blink of an eye so I must be careful to seize the opportunity that lies ahead since the new school year will be upon us before I know it.

    I also like to plan goals because I see that my children do well with goals as well. Structure is a good thing and without it all can become amiss in our bustling household.  While I love the laziness of a summer schedule and do plan in several days of glorious nothingness, I especially look forward to including those things that my normal schedule does not allow much time for. I usually have two categories--the things that need to get done and things I would personally love to do.

    Here is a quick glimpse of some goals on my summer agenda:

    • Domestic: practice new recipes to add to our repertoire, garden, canning, redecorating, organizing garage, repaint homeschool room, redecorate/paint certain rooms, train puppy, hold a garage sale, organize/purge toys, make special summer memories
    • Children: emphasis on character/scripture, listen to sermons, go through book studies, summer chores, music, typing, travel, summer reading lists, and plenty of fun, possibly launch a business
    • Family Ministry: hospitality, baking for unsaved neighbors, reaching out and focusing more on loving people, mentoring and praying about potential nursing home ministry, (did you know my husband used to be a part of a prison ministry and preach to those in jail?), serving in our community
    • Online goals: This category has expanded for me with my blog, consulting and other endeavors. My list for this category is a bit extensive at the moment so I will spare you from all the lengthy (and exciting) details! I do have it all written out systematically so that I can accomplish what I'd like to see done, if the Lord allows.
    I know some categories might go undone and I am perfectly fine with that--the point is for me to just have a plan and to try to accomplish what we can! I personally like to look at time as a precious commodity and gift from God--something definitely not to be squandered on a larger scale! I also find satisfaction in knowing I did not waste the fleeting summer days.
        Whatever you have planned this summer--make sure first to pray about it! The Lord may direct you in an entirely different path and you will want to be flexible. Maybe your list only includes two or three things and that is just fine. We are all different and will have different goals for our family--whatever you do, take advantage of the time to do something special for both yourself and your family.

        Have fun planning out your summer and celebrating the season doing what is important to you!

        Here is a look back at my previous summer goals:

        Large Family Summer Scheduling

        What do you have planned this summer?

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        Friday, June 10, 2011

        Wise Woman Link-Up!

        A Wise Woman Builds Her Home is a place to be encouraged in your high and noble calling of role of wife and mother and daughter to the King and we want to encourage each and every single reader out there to build up strong Christian homes to the glory of God.

        We would love for you to link up with us---if you have a post you would like to share regarding the topic above or that has to do with  building up your home, homemaking, character, hospitality, femininity, family, tea, etc. we would love to have you share it with us!

        If you link up here please use the image below to let others know that you have linked up here so that they might join in the fun and be encouraged as well:

        (It's easy--just copy and paste the code in this box!)

        And a quick Wise Woman Tip:

        If you haven't gotten the first Duggar book--The Duggars: 20 and Counting it is on sale today for 50% off until midnight, making it just $9.00! It makes a great gift for friends and family too. I just got the new book in the mail and already read half way through it and have been soooo blessed by what I have read. Not to mention the fact that they have included new recipes that we will definitely try this summer!

        Have a blessed day building up strong homes to His glory!

        Thursday, June 9, 2011

        Warrior Prayers Ebook { & FIVE Winner Giveaway!}

        Raising noble and godly sons is the heart's cry for most mothers that I know.

        However, it can be hard---raising boys is not always a cup of tea and is different from raising daughters. As a mom of 5 sons, I can attest to that-- raising sons can be a glorious job, one that mothers can fully embrace and understand more deeply as she sets her  focus and prayers upon the Lord.

        I am happy to share with you Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need It Most by Brooke McGlothlin.

        Brooke is the mother of two young sons. One of her greatest passions is praying the Word over her boys. Brooke believes that we are in a war for the hearts of our sons and that as Christian moms the battle begins on our knees. Her delightful ebook was birthed through her desire to pray for her own sons, and lead other moms to do the same. 

        Now Warrior Prayers is special because it shows you how to pray scripture over your sons and cover areas that truly need praying over such as:
        • Avoiding foolishness
        • Pride
        • Purity
        • A Servant's Heart
        • Honor
        • Anger 
        • Salvation
        • Honesty
        • Intregrity
        • Obedience
        • Submission to Authority
        • Characteristics of the fruit of the spirit
        • Humility and so much more....
        I fully appreciated Brooke's honesty in the book of her true struggles with understanding and raising her son's. These are challenges that every mother goes through and we can easily identify with. With Warrior Prayeres you will get great guidance to help you with your prayer life over your child and for the low price of only $5.97! And can also be used as a guideline of how to pray for your other children too.

        (The eBook can  be purchased as a PDF download or on your Amazon Kindle--you may get more information on that here.)

        Wise Woman Tip

        21 Days of Prayer for Sons is a prayer challenge for mothers of boys based on the eBook Warrior Prayers. It just started yesterday and there is still plenty of time to join - they already have over 1200 from 7 different countries! You can sign up here.

        The Giveaway

        Brooke McGlothlin would like to generously giveaway FIVE Warrior Prayer ebooks to five my special readers (one each)! Yes, I said FIVE!  All you have to do is leave your name and email to enter if you don't have a blog. Simple!

        Extra Entries

        • Share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or your blog.
        • Visit the Warrior Prayers Ebook website.
        • Like Warrior Prayers on Facebook.
        • Put the Warrior Prayers button on your blog.
        • Buy Warrior Prayers (win another to share). 
        Each thing you do above is three entries each, so please leave 3 comments each. If you buy the Warrior Prayers ebook it will count as five points each so please leave 5 comments.

          Hope you win!
          Thank you Brooke McGlothlin!


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          Only here can you advertise on three blogs for the price of one!
          Click here for rates or email me at


          Meekness, to me, is  fascinating and today I share some quotes to look deeper at the topic:

          Meekness is power under control.   -Warren Wiersbe

          Meekness is not to be confused with weakness: the meek are not simply submissive because they lack the resources to be anything else. Meekness is quite compatible with great strength and ability as humans measure strength, but whatever strength or weakness the meek person has is accompanied by humility and a genuine dependence on God. True meekness may be a quality of the strong, those who could assert themselves but choose not to do so.  --Leon Morris

          Perhaps no grace is less prayed for, or less cultivated than gentleness. Indeed it is considered rather as belonging to natural disposition or external manners, than as a Christian virtue; and seldom do we reflect that not to be gentle is sin.  -Bethune

          The higher people are in the favor of God, the more tender they are.--Martin Luther

          Rudeness, yelling, anger, and swearing are a weak man’s imitation of strength.
          - Author Unknown

          The meek man is not a human mouse afflicted with a sense of his own inferiority.  Rather he may be in his moral life as bold as a lion and as strong as Samson; but he has stopped being fooled about himself.  He has accepted God’s estimate of his own life.  He knows he is as weak and helpless as God declared him to be, but paradoxically, he knows at the same time that he is in the sight of God of more importance than angels.  In himself, nothing; in God, everything.  That is his motto.-- A.W. Tozer


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          Wednesday, June 8, 2011

          Scrumptious Chocolate Truffles

          The lovely Miss Jen is sharing an exquisite chocolate recipe with us today...

          Chocolate Truffles

          Rich, semi.. bittersweet chocolate truffles
          are rolled in creamy scrumptious milk chocolate
          and topped with a
          special sprinkling of gourmet salt.

          Sounds too adventurous?...
          I would encourage you to try it~
          the combination of flavors is simply wonderful.

          Oh... the delights of freshly chopped

          Freshly dipped truffles.....*sigh*

          Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt

          recipe courtesy~ Tasty Kitchen

          8 ounces, weight (up To 9 Oz.) Good Semisweet Chocolate
          8 ounces, weight (up To 9 Oz.) Good Bittersweet Chocolate
          1 can (14 Oz) Sweetened Condensed Milk
          1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract
          8 ounces, weight Meltable Milk Chocolate
          Sea Salt, Kosher Salt
          or Sparkling Sprinkles

          Chop semisweet and bittersweet chocolates.
          Heat dark chopped chocolates and condensed milk in a double
          boiler over medium low heat until chocolate is melted.
          Stir—mixture will have a slight marshmallow texture. Stir in vanilla.
          Remove from heat, cover and refrigerate for two hours.
          Once chilled, roll in balls, then roll in melted milk chocolate coating.
          Place truffles on a sheet of parchment paper.
          Sprinkle with salt or other fine, coarse sprinkles.

          "These are delicious and very easy-to-make chocolate truffles with an

          unlikely surprise: a sprinkling of light, fluffly sea salt.
          It’s a seemingly unlikely, but absolutely scrumptious and special,
          flavor combination that has to be experienced to be believed."
          ~Mrs. Ree Drummon

          There are an endless amount of possibilities
          in the ways you can package these goodies for loved ones....
          using~ boxes, baggies, ribbons and etc...
          I packaged mine in some small clear cellophane bags
          and tied them with a crisp red sparkling ribbon.

          "There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate,
          dark chocolate, white chocolate, and
          Chocolate Truffles."

          .....Do Enjoy!

          Hope you are having a simply lovely day.
          ~Many Blessings~

          Having just turned 19, Jen finds great joy in serving her family from home. She firmly believes that the home is a beautiful canvas for biblical hospitality, servanthood and discipleship.  All aspects of homemaking are on her list of interests including gourmet cooking, baking, calligraphy, sewing and embroidery. She is also inspired by photography, music, theology and biblical womanhood. Miss Jen blogs at Blessed Femina, which she founded in the fall of 2008 to document her blessed life as a daughter/homemaker-in- training and to encourage other women in Biblical femininity. Happily residing in sunny northern California with her parents, it is her greatest desire to live a life depicted in I Corinthians 10:31: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”


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